Friday, 4 April 2014

Book Review: Wraithsong

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Seventeen-year-old Sonia is in her senior year when she realizes that she is even more different from her friends than she thought. One day there’s an incident with her and another student, proving she has the same ability to control people as her mom. Though she has had a few similar experiences before, this incident verifies exactly how different she is.
Things really begin to change when Sonia meets a senior named Anthony. Soon she finds herself consumed by him—which is shocking—because she’s just not one to fall in love. Anthony is handsome and mysterious, but that’s not what drives Sonia crazy. While other guys usually fight for her attention, Anthony doesn’t even give her the time of day. And even stranger yet, her ability to control people doesn’t work on him. Little does Sonia know that he keeps a deep secret too, and that that very secret holds the answer to who she really is.
With only a few weeks left of school, horrible things happen: Three of Sonia’s cousins, living in another state, are killed, and Sonia’s mom vanishes without a trace.
Anthony tells Sonia that her mom has been taken to an invisible island called Wraithsong, and that his mother is the abductor. To save her mom’s life, Sonia is forced to accept Anthony’s help and travels with him to find the island, but when Anthony’s mother discovers they are working against her, she sends someone to kill Anthony and capture Sonia.

My Verdict

"Wraithsong" is a fantastic book! I loved how the author used Norse mythology, the story was refreshing and addicting, which is evident from the fact that I read it in one go, in a couple of hours. The story is about Sonia, who is a young Huldra [supernatural beings of great power and allure], capable of controlling humans. 'Wraithsong' is basically her initiation into the truth that she's been waiting 18 years for, a lot of questions were answered but there is still a lot she will learn and do in the story ahead. This book has it all, it's got action, thrill, fantasy, myths, tortured broody but lovable hero and romance [I loved the chemistry between Anthony and Sonia, they had these cute sparks and magic moments that I enjoyed reading].

Ms. Squires has penned her paranormal beings very nicely, it's fresh and unique specially the way they acquire their personality. I did feel that Sonia's character could use some more depth, I didn't connect with her as much as I wanted too but it probably is because she has been thrown in an entirely new world, which is quite overwhelming so I'm hoping her character comes to shine as the story progresses. Anthony is definitely going up on my favourite hero shelf, he checks about every trait I have on my fav hero list. I am also hoping for more of Sonia's best friend in the future. All in all, Ms.Squires has spun a magical tale - there's elves, dark forces, villain mothers, Anthony, portals, Huldra...what's not to love about this series? I can't wait to read the next instalment! Much action awaits.

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