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Make up


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Till death do we part

Selene Arthur woke up to the shrill ringing of the alarm.

It was 12 PM.

Groggily she scrambled out of bed and dragged her feet to the bathroom. She felt as though her legs were made of jelly. As she showered, her gaze fell on her reflection in the clear glass and she hastily averted her eyes. There was a hint of fear in her eyes every time she looked that way. She glanced down at her hands and could see a web of thin blue veins. She sighed, if I carry on like this, I'd die one of these days. I need to get out. As she dressed, she could no longer ignore looking in the mirror. With a grim look she quickly began dabbing herself with makeup. She paused in the middle and almost glared at her reflection. A pale looking woman of about 40 stared back, her hair was slightly graying, her puffy eyes sporting crow feet on each side.  She put on her over-sized sunglasses and put on some red lipstick. Her effort didn't go wasted; the makeup had taken 5 years off her face.

Things hadn't been going well for Selene lately, she'd been dropped by her modeling agency and word was about that the modeling world was about to bid her goodbye. She just wasn't young enough, like her makeup artist had informed her last Tuesday. Ever since then Selene had been moping around, hiding indoors and getting drunk. Way to go Selene, she thought sarcastically.

As she walked past a huge billboard of an A list modeling agency, she gave her blonde head a disdainful toss. I can't believe they dropped me as the cover girl for that skank, she scowled at the image of the smiling young girl in her twenties and proceeded to buy a newspaper from the stand. Lost in her thought, she walked to the café a few blocks away.

They think they can cast me aside just because I'm old. I'll show them who's old, they know nothing about me…those bastards, she thought with a smile that was frighteningly whimsical. Her eyes widened as she realized the course of her thoughts. No, that will never happen again, she told herself fiercely. Life hadn't always been this good for Selene, there was a time when she had been feared and considered psychotic. She had once been involved in some weird incidents but that was all in the past. She had a new life, a life that was good and satisfying. Life was great!

Is it really?

Yes, it is.

Then why are you sitting here jobless rather than working for some big shot clients?


How do you know that you don't hunger for beauty anymore? It's a part of you no matter how much you deny it…

No, it's not. I'd never do something horrible to anyone ever again…

But it's not really horrible, is it? They've treated us like animals, don’t you think we should return the favor?

There is no WE!

Well yes, you're right. We are one. We don't want to look old now, do we?

It's really none of your business. Leave me alone.

Glowing skin, sparkling eyes and rosy lips….don't you crave for that?

Stop it now!

I know what you want, and you shall get it.

Really now? That's amazing! [sarcastic]

Do you know who I am?


Ah, so you do know.

'Ma'am, here's your tea,' the young waitress smiled as she set the tea and some other assortments on the table. Selene looked at her, almost enviously. Her badge read 'Sandra Carter' and Selene smiled a hollow smile as she looked at Sandra's healthy pink skin, her delicate hands and her sparkly eyes. The waitress smiled again, showing Selene a smile that would have put the sun to shame.

'How old are you?' Selene asked before she could stop herself.

'I'm 16….have a pleasant day Madam,'

'Oh yes, I think I will…' The crazy smile was back. 


"HELP!" Sandra Carter panted as she came to face a brick wall in the alley. Her eyes darted in all directions, looking for a way to escape. She tried hiding behind the trash cans, dear God, please don’t let me die. I'll be good from now on. Please save me. She prayed. Her heart beat doubled as she heard the sound of the footsteps approaching. Her shift had just finished and she was on her way back home when someone had started following her. Panicky, she'd dodge and darted into dark alleys to throw off her stalker. Please let me be safe, don't let it be a stalker or some deranged killer. Suddenly a shadow fell across her and she looked up to the looming figure above her. Sandra screamed, that quickly turned into an agonized whimper as she was hit on the face with a very powerful blow. Blood gushed out of her nose and mouth. The shadowed figure grabbed the lapel of her coat and lifted her off the ground. Wildly, Sandra tried kicking her attacker.

'Really? I don’t think so,' the shadowed figured was amused as it lowered the girl and pushed her down roughly with enough force to make her head bang against the giant trash cans. For a moment the deathly silence of the night was shattered by the sickening sound of metal and skull connecting. The dark figure chuckled and bent down, ' You are lovely indeed,' and then slid a black glove off of her hand. They were wrinkly hands, with thin blue veins that garishly stood out against the pale skin but manicured and polished nevertheless, no doubt belonging to a woman who was once beautiful. As the girl whimpered the figure put her finger tips to the girl's mouth. 'Be quiet, we don't want this to be painful, do we now?' She looked at the young girl and laughed, wicked and cruel.

Sandra's eyes widened as she felt something draining out of her and suddenly she started screaming hysterically. She didn’t want to die, not so soon, not alone. Not yet. Above her she heard the woman throaty laugh "It is your life that brings me beauty and youth." Sandra's screams echoed through the dark alleys for a split second and then no more.
She realized her legs were trembling and she glanced at her ungloved hand.

This isn't enough, we need more.

No! I think it's enough…

It is not. Let's find another one.

Far away in the distance she heard a girl's laugh and became alert. With one swift motion, she climbed up the wall and vanished into the dark night.


'Who do you reckon this cougar is?' one junkie asked another, pointing to the corpse near the trash cans.

'Don’t know mate. She's wearing a waitress uniform…'

Selene Arthur woke up to the shrill ringing of the alarm. She'd had a good night's sleep, she sat up in bed, her eyes alert and happy. She glanced outside, perfect, it's sunny.  She ran a hand through her silken blonde hair and smiled. She got out of bed quickly and went to the mirror. Her eyes widened at her reflection and she shook her head, like trying to wake up from a nice dream.

Oh love. You aren't dreaming.

It can't be. What the hell? How…how did this..?

Don't you remember last night? You were fantastic.

'Get away from me. This is just a bad dream, all of it is a bad dream. I didn't do anything 
wrong, I swear I didn't!' she sobbed, her voice guilt stricken for even her brain couldn't put down the memories of last night as a bad dream. Those were real.

Why are you so surprised?

Damn you! I hate you!


[sobbing continues]

Don't cry my love. I'll never let you be hurt again. I'll never let anyone hurt you anymore! I promise.


Serene? Why are you so surprised? This is what you wanted, isn't it? I'd never do anything you didn't want to.


Look at us. Don't we look lovely now?

We do.

The End

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