Wednesday, 2 May 2012

First official post of May!

In case anyone's wondering where I've been this whole month of April, I was very busy and going through my usual phase of laziness and lethargy.  

Yes, that happens a lot. I might have been a cat in past life. Who knows!

All I can say is, some good things did happen in April, I got to writing, wrote a couple of pages, added to the story of this novel I've been working on.

And much progress has been made on the wedding preparations for my sister. I'm designing all her dresses and it's a big opportunity for me! 

Let's talk about today now, shall we?

My day has started out slow. I've to go to work in 2 hours time and it's going to hectic today. So I'm trying to enjoy while I can. I decided to finish up this book I'd been reading  for a while. I was thinking of drinking some coffee to wake myself up properly but I found out we're out of coffee so I'll have to settle for tea. Got to cook too before I head out. 

Work's been pretty stressful off late, thoughts of my latest project being a disaster keeps me up at night most times. And it doesn't help when I try talking about it with my friend who has plenty of experience in designing bridal dresses. I ring her up to calm myself down and I hang up feeling like a bundle of crazy nerves, she's a great person but I think she takes way more stress than me and she has everything negative to say about what could possibly go wrong that only adds to my worry. I got this sample back for the bridal I'm designing and I'm pretty happy with it, unfortunately I decided to take her opinion on it too [after her repeated insistence on wanting to help me however she can] and now she can't be bothered to ring me back :/ Don't know what's up with that. I'd have really liked some professional advice before I started on the actual dress but I've decided to stop calling her or speaking on this subject further.

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