Thursday, 1 March 2012

What I've been up to lately

Ah, yes. I haven't really shared that in a while, have I now?

Let's see. What have I really been doing? Just normal work I suppose, nothing glamorous to it but what surprises me the most is the amount of time it sucks from my day. I am not left with much by the end of the day and what's worse is that I feel like I haven't really done much through out the 24 hours.

Now this can be very dangerous. The feeling of not having done enough.
I'm just glad I set aside 2-3 hours daily to read a book or watch the telly.

I'm been planning to list down my must watch movies this year
Same goes for books, also been planning on reviewing a couple!

I've been reading plenty but not writing enough.
Got to pick up speed!

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