Thursday, 8 March 2012

My Verdict: ♥♥♥

Gone to Ground
Brandilyn Collins

Bookshelves: Contemporary, Murder, Mystery, Thriller, Suspense, Crime


Amaryllis, Mississippi is a scrappy little town of strong backbone and southern hospitality. A brick-paved Main Street, a park, and a legendary ghost in the local cemetery are all part of its heritage. Everybody knows everybody in Amaryllis, and gossip wafts on the breeze. Its people are friendly, its families tight. On the surface Amaryllis seems much like the flower for which it’s named—bright and fragrant. But the Amaryllis flower is poison.In the past three years five unsolved murders have occurred within the town. All the victims were women, and all were killed in similar fashion in their own homes.

A word of thanks to netgalley for providing me with a digital copy.

This was an interesting read. The plot was good, suspenseful. I like the different pov's presented through out the book. It's not often you find every character giving their testimonials.

The story is set in a small town, and suddenly everyone is hit with the realization that a serial killer is on the loose. Over the months, 6 women have been killed. At this point, everyone in the town seem suspicious from the Mayor to the hair dresser. It doesn't help when the whole town thrives on gossip, adding fuel to the fire, creating a frenzy and spreading rumors.

The women, who once used to be simple housewives having the occasional gossip session at tea all come together to sort out the mystery.

They all have their suspicions regarding the killer.
They all have their secrets to keep.
They all have their loved ones to protect.
They're all afraid to find out the truth.

Fact remains, a killer is among them. A killer who sits with them, attends church with them etc. Will they be able to uncover the identity before more lives are lost?

Halfway through the book, I identified the culprit, but it did not ruin the book for me. I liked reading it.

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