Friday, 2 March 2012

My Verdict: ♥

The Price of Innocence
Susan Sizemore

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Possessed by Desire
Years ago, a handsome stranger rescued Sherrie Hamilton from a harem and enticed her into becoming his lover before returning her safely home. Now Sherrie is a respectable young widow and mother, chaperoning her young charges through fashionable London society-- until she comes face to face with her erotic dream. For there, accross a crowded ballroom, stands the one man who touched the very core of her sensuality, stirring old memories, and a new unbidden desire.

Obsessed by Love

Jack PenMartyn, Earl of PenMartyn, seeks to put his past behind him, yet he's obsessed by the one womanwhose pure innocence he stole; the woman who is the mother of the child he never knew he had. He knows that with one false word, Sherrie will expose the secrets of his past. But does he dare to hope that she will give in to the tempation of their recklesspassion for a future together?


I got The Price of Innocence from net galley and received no compensation for writing the review.

This was Whitney my love all over again. Actually it was worse than that, Jack was a monster in the truest sense of the word. While I understand perfectly a person is able to change and should be forgiven if they ever come to realize their wrongs, I found the Earl lacking redeeming qualities.

If he truly loved her like he did, and if he truly felt horribly about it so much so that he believes he's beneath any forgiveness granted to him [this, somehow always seem cowardly to me - when you didn't hesitate to shamelessly coerce a woman to be your sex slave, why bother getting shy about begging for her forgiveness. You should be down on your knees, weeping over her feet and then be refused] why did he never try to find out about his precious girl for 9 years? More importantly how could he go on living, knowing what he'd done to her and what might be the consequence. I suppose opium had addled his brains so much that he forgot there's a chance one might end up getting pregnant after being tied to someone's bed for all these days. So what if he thought she didn't love him? So what if he thought he'd destroyed her? He loved her, that would have been enough for him to want to make sure she was living well all those years. He could've secretly kept tabs on her being the big shot that he was.

For a guy who's 33, his behavior and the way he dealt with things seemed awfully immature to me. Through out the book, I really tried liking him but I just found him despicable.

I found Sherrie's emotions hard to deal with too. For the life of me I couldn't understand how she could still go on loving that guy. Of course, I hold her blameless for falling in love with him while he struck that degrading deal with her but 9 years after still? I felt angry, and humiliated for her if anything at all. Her flash backs made me so uncomfortable and each time I wanted to knock down Cullum's teeth to be honest. I couldn't help feel pity and sadness at Sherrie's humiliation.

The only character I truly cared about in this book was Minnie and it was for her alone I finished this book and even put up with Jack.

Having said that, I could hardly finish the book, skipped through most of the stuff.


  1. lol, whatever possessed you to read this one in the first place? :b

    The cover looks so sleazy rofl xD

    1. Lol, it was one of those days when I seem to do things that defy all logic, reason and thinking :P

      The book I read didn't have this cover actually, not that it was any better lol