Thursday, 8 March 2012

My Verdict: ♥♥1/2

Bachelorette # 1
Jennifer O'Connell

Bookshelves: Contemporary, Chick Lit, Humor


Sarah is undercover for Femme magazine, writing a juicy exposé about the women desperate enough to go on TV to vie for a man, and the bachelor shallow enough to view dating as a ratings game. Armed with a killer wardrobe, sun-kissed highlights, and her reporter's notebook, she can't wait to find out what happens at the posh California resort when the cameras stop rolling. 

What she discovers is that this alternate reality is more seductive than she ever expected. The other women aren't all brainless bimbos. And "The Stag" isn't the arrogant jerk she imagined. Caught up in a whirlwind of moonlight swims, limo rides, and champagne toasts, Sarah stops working on her article...and starts wanting to win. 


I don't know for sure what I just read. Initially, I was like great! She's written a book mocking these stupid shows on tv, and she did but somewhere along the way the mocking decreased and then we totally came to a different ending. 

The story starts with Sarah, an ambitious journalist going under cover to get the scoop on the reality show called The Stag where women make utter fools of themselves in order to get the bachelor. It had some humor, I did chuckle a bit but it could have been way more. 

As it happens, I have seen both the bachelor and the bachelorette and what goes around during the filming of these two is so over the top and dramatic. It's crazy psycho stuff, a lot more crazy then that's shown in the book I think. It felt like Ms. O'Connell couldn't really make up her mind whether to mock it, or take us to a different angle. So, Sarah does end up bonding with some of the superficial, shallow females but they seem to be not as bad as she initially thought. I personally felt, the book should have concentrated a lot more about the things that went on inside the stag house but it didn't. For example, despite what the small review at the back claims, I never felt any sort of something between the stag and our heroine. It seemed so forced, and Chris, as the most eligible bachelor was so unconvincing. Nothing indicated of his charisma, or his charm, he seemed as interesting as my next door neighbor. 

In the end, Sarah gets her piece and she returns to her own life and somehow the whole book becomes about her personal life. Her life with her husband, Jack and daughter Katie. Honestly, I didn't even know something was amiss from their relationship. They seemed like a perfectly happy, normal busy couple. It just didn't gel together in my humble opinion. 

Anyways, I'd give this book 2.5 ♥'s because I did finish it and it made me grin a bit with all the craziness of the Stag and the hens. 

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