Thursday, 8 March 2012

Movies I CANT WAIT TO WATCH!!!!!! Part I

The Dark Knight Rises

The moment we've all been waiting for! As if I've not seen the trailers enough time to tell me this will be so bad ass! But the line 'The Legend Ends' is ringing like a death omen in my head. There's been a lot of speculation as to Batman dying at the hands of his arch nemesis Bane. To be honest, the cracked mask in the poster doesn't bode well. Anyways, I'm still super excited to see this film. Christian Bale and Christopher Nolan ftw! 


Another of my favorite! The last time I saw Tim Burton's wonderfully gloomy cartoon was Corpse Bride. I can't' wait for this one! It reminds me of Nightmare before Christmas. A dead dog? An experiment gone wrong? A frankenweenie?! Can't wait!


Oh, the trailers for this one looks so good! And it's been a while we haven't had a kick ass heroine! I love the animation in this one, love the fiery red hair! Gorgeous! Dying to see this one

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

I think I've been raving about the Hobbit since I saw Lord of the Rings. It's been such a long wait, I can't wait for the hobbiton to return to the cinema! 

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