Thursday, 1 March 2012

Movie Review!


Genre: Drama, Animation, Biography

Subbed/Dubbed: English Subs

Story about a young fiery little girl, Marjane Satrapi[who loves bruce lee and wants to be a prophetess] in the time of the Iranian revolution. It shows the changes and sacrifices her family has to make - a perspective from the eye of civilians. Ofcourse Marji [as she is fondly called] is too little to understand what really is going on but her parents try their best to tell her everything. 

Their family is a liberal one which makes Marji so much more knowledgeable and outspoken than her peers. This girl has a lot of spunk, she is not one to be broken down and admit defeat.

Soon we're taken on a journey when Marji is sent to Austria to live with her Aunt since Iran is going through a rough time with the civil war. Given her outspoken nature and her difficulty to adjust to the 'new laws' they decide it's best if she lived away. She struggles to cope with the separation from her family and eventually settles. It's more about Marji's life really, and how she's close to her roots even while being far away. The ending was left too open. I had so many questions that weren't answered, so many characters that I would've liked to know more about. 

What I loved best about the movie was the beautifully done art! I'm such a sucker for old school drawing. The dull, monochrome, flat imagery was a feast for my eyes! This film had a lot of spunk, I loved all the humor, and the sarcastic undertones. I marveled at the fiery young Marji with her streak of rebellion and defiance. 

It's a good satirical piece I'd say. Enjoyed watching it, specially the young marji.

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