Wednesday, 8 February 2012

My latest source of inspiration! HYPER NATURE

So, I compiled a few images together that I felt echoed this theme and depicted nicely the words that I wanted others to see. I've always been a big admirer of the surrealistic, something about it draws me - compels me, just so hypnotically. So, for this year I've decided to walk down the fantastically eerie, mysteriously creative territory and unleash my inner genius! To me, nothing is more perfect than the juxtaposition of crazy on chic and modern. To me, fantasy is the love child of surreal and mystery, brought up by romance.  

I think this is ideal for spring, it's a divine fresh palette of colors, wonderfully vibrant and new. I'm thinking lots of floral patterns, lovely smell of sun baked berries, hmm, yummy. Soft, sheer fabrics in voluminous drapes, with uniquely structured elements. Oh, I've awakened the creative giant within now. 

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