Tuesday, 13 December 2011

What I've been up to lately

In case someone's wondering! I've been busy making some T-shirts and all. Got some prints lined up, will post some pics soon! :)

And other than that I've been having a fabulous time in London. My only concern is running out of money before I get to shop everything that's on my list and then some. Also looking up some art courses for post graduate programs. Love the colleges here, I might try to get an admission once I go back.

Sightseeing is something I'm doing after a real long time and I'm loving every bit of it! believe me! It;s making me want to ditch my current career and become a traveler, well almost. I just wish I was a decent photographer. I am taking loads of pics, don't get me wrong but they leave a lot to be desired :(

Anyways, will be posting soon and my book reading is on a temporary hold for now :)