Wednesday, 23 November 2011

My Verdict 1/2 ♥

Blood Daemon by Angela Cameron 
Bookshelves: Bin food, Vampires


Local vampire leader, Raven Montgomery, is on the verge of an impossible accomplishment among female vampires, gaining her full power without the aid of a mate. Under pressure from her creator and the threat of death, she is forced to entertain the attentions of Astor, the French suitor chosen for her. 

As blood daemon, Jareth is the hired help. As her bodyguard, he must follow her through this journey of lovers and hide his true feelings for the woman he’s always protected. 

Can Raven accept her fate as someone’s trophy wife?

What I thought
What a waste of time. Looked like something a person would come up with when they're dying of boredom and have no idea what to write.

The cover interested me for like 5 seconds maybe? My biggest objection is the lack of a story, it's pure rubbish. What do I know of Raven? Absolutely nothing except the fact she loves her Daemon [which looks more like lust to me since I barely see any emotions what so ever]. And do I care? Not in the least.

I've read a couple of short stories which gave some kind of details and are quite good. This doesn't even begin to compare. Now I'm angry with myself for reading these stupid pages written by somebody who decided to write a few hot sex scenes between two vamps and threw in a bit of this and that to make a story.

I didn't even feel like adding a heart for the verdict.

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