Friday, 28 October 2011

What Anime/Manga have taught me...

I tend to read shoujo manga a lot more than any other genre and here's what my observations are:

- Your nose can gush out extreme amounts of blood whenever you clap eyes on a extremely hunky/gorgeous person.
- Libraries are built for making out and there's hardly anyone there.
- The popular guy always takes a liking to the weird, odd unpopular girl.
- Sometimes, your best friend is out their to screw your life.
- The girl/guy is always home alone at the wrong time.
- Kidnapping is normal, so is being stalked by random people.
- The rich spoil rotten deligents are always misunderstood.
- Anime girls are capable of forgiving anything and everything.
- Anime girls are gluttons - what's more they don't gain weight.
- Beware while joining the school club because you might end up joining the dark occult one.
- Your little sister/brother hates your happiness most of the time.
- Lack of napkins and table manners are the way to initiate a kiss!
- The most cheerful guys/girls actually have very sad lives >.>
- The parents/siblings/maids/butlers all conveniently disappear when the hero falls sick leaving the girl to take care of the invalid and cook something for them and it's always soup/porridge.
- Butlers are devilishly handsome and the maids are phenomenal beauties.
- It's normal and legal to get married before you're 18
- 15 year olds can make exceptional wives.
- The boy/girl genius can always outsmart their professor.
- For the rich guys : There's just no pleasing their parents.
- Handmade chocolates are preferred anyday over store bought ones no matter how bad they taste.
- Try talking to your stuffed toys, you'd be amazed at what they've got to say.
- Little kids are freaky and there is no limit to their evil plotting.
- The more bandages one has, the better and stronger they seem to appear.
- Heroes/Heroines never have scars.
- Anime girls are very clumsy and have a tendency of falling over the guys all the time.
- Vampires have a lot of emotional baggage
- There's always an island or a beach house you go to with your friends because your rich classmate's father owns it.

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