Sunday, 23 October 2011

My Verdict: ♥

Halo by Alexandra Adornetto   
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My reaction to this book was very lukewarm. I just didn't really care to love or hate this book. Firstly, I was assuming to read some great kick ass action scenes while the angels and the dark forces clashed. 

Well, I waited and waited. And waited, till the end. The whole book is basically about an angel trio [Gabe,Ivy and Bethany]. Now these three divine beings are sent down on earth for a very specific mission - to restore semblance to the little town and battle dark forces. It would be a good thing to remember this mission. Because this is the only time you'll read about it. 

So, there's a lot of description in the first few chapters which I didn't mind in the least though again it was the first person perspective that i'm coming to detest. 

Gabe was an archangel and Ivy a seraphim. I was simply awed and couldn't wait to see their awesome powers but these angels turned out to be pretty domestic. The book sang praises of Gabe's wonderfully beautiful manly physique and his culinary skills, and Ivy's ethereal beauty and her ability to be a charming hostess. It was so disappointing that the characters were so poorly done. One would expect angels to be a tad more interesting and skilled than the ordinary human. 

I had so many complaints with Bethany. She came of as a spoiled rotten, juvenile and dumb little monster. Remember the important mission I talked about earlier? Apparently, angels descended to earth to save humans. NEWS FLASH - that never happens. In fact, something far more comical does - the main mission in the book is to save Bethany. Really, I thought an Angel's first and foremost concern were the humans? So anyways, the lowly humans end up saving the worthless neck of Beth a couple of times. She's such a disgrace. *wrinkles nose in disapproval* 

And don't get me started on Xavier and Bethany. Their couple bored me to tears, I skipped all and every scene that involved these two weirdos. I skipped all the horrible prom scenes too. Jake's arrival in the book sparked my interest for like, 5 seconds? But Jake barely got space in the book, coming so late and by then it was already a love novel between Xavier and Beth - NOTHING ELSE. 

So, in the end it was all about the pretty unique Angel falling in love with the boring school captain. I would've liked Gabe and Molly more to be honest. At least, they were interesting. And the horrors! Beth gifted with love or whatever - God help the people who'll come in her path. She's so stupid and dumb, I don't know what havoc she's going to wreck with all that love of hers. It irks me to no end. Through out the book, she decides against the wisdom and wishes of her elder siblings, rushes off somewhere, does something reckless, screw things up and then comes bawling to them. I can't stand such people, even if their skin is luminous and sparkly. And what crap about those paper like wings? I thought the human form must be a bit more impressive than that. What kind of loser angels are these? 

My main objection is that the story took off in another direction i.e the sappy love life of Bethany the Irksome brat rather than the actual purpose for the angels visit. And why oh why would the divine power object to modern technology? The very great thing which could've helped them snoop around better and find the dark forces - Though i don't think demons run around posting pics on face book and tweeting but apparently they did - to gather a horde of little minions. Well, what can I say. The dark forces are smart. The divine forces? Not so much. 

Jake Thorn is a pain and just a teensy weensy dark force. I wanted some kick ass action. And we couldn't have asked for a more cliched villain. He disappointed like all others. He's supposedly been searching for the annoying Beth for CENTURIES and all it takes to vanquish him is a bit of love. Blah! Skipped so many pages during just to finish this book. 

The little scroll note with the annoying font [I couldn't even read half of what was written in there, all the cursive and calligraphic - for a minion of hell, Jake sure spent time around practicing his writing. Yeah, back to the note, such a meager excuse to make us read the next book. Offensive really. 

There were probably a bunch of other complaints but I've honestly forgotten them. I still might read book 2 just for the heck of dissecting the book in my review. I hope there's some good dose of angel vs. devil combat. 

Hearting Legend

♥  It was totally blah, I'm only being generous
♥ ♥  It had potential, I liked plenty of things but some things I just hated
♥ ♥ ♥ I liked it a lot. Probably loved 1 or 2 characters in there too. Fun read but will probably not reread.
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ I loved it. Big crush on the Hero too [probably] Just how I like my books. Worth rereading.
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Favorite! Moved me in ways I can't put into words. Worth memorizing, most of the time. Thoroughly enjoyable. 


  1. Oh God, as bad as that? :b
    I might read it anyways. It's sad to know the book disappointed you.

    Do tell me how book 2 went [if you ever read that one] ;)

    1. As it turns out, I actually picked up Hades yesterday and leafed through it. I thought, what the hell - let's see how this book starts and read page one.

      I was stifling a yawn by the time I read the 3rd line in the first paragraph. I don't think it's as bad, I'm probably just too old to read it now. Had I come across these when I was 13 or 15 I'd probably like them.

  2. Hahaha. But it's true. The cover mislead me. I thought it was a book worth reading.

    Ah, well I guess I won't get to reading Hades anytime soon. I kind of read the synopsis and it seemed stupid beyond all reason so I'm not sure :p