Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Book Review: Charming The Prince

Charming the Prince by Teresa Medeiros 
Bookshelves: Historical, Fairy tale, Humor, Romance

My Verdict ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Oh, I enjoyed this one a lot! What made this book wonderful was of course the gang of lil brats Lord Bannor the 'Bald' had. The opening scenes were comically priceless - the most feared warrior of all England quaking in dread at the sound of chaos and mischief. Very comical indeed. I loved every bit of Mary, Margaret, Meg, Peg, Edward, Hammish, Desmound....and who ever else I've missed. 

The conversations Lord Bannor had with his Steward and friend were funny and engaging and just put such a light mood on the overall book I hardly took it seriously. Even the romance, I could've happily done without it, really but it added a sweet touch to the story. Plus romance is expected of a fairy tale. 

So this fierce Lord Bannor finds himself wifeless and father to this bunch of rowdy rebellious children. To top it all, he's the last person on earth to know anything about parenting. Wanting little to do with the upbringing of his kids and wishing to return to things he's used to [battle, fights and what not] Lord Bannor decides it's time to wed! 

And wed he does, the beautiful Lady Willow - who's happy to finally get away from her poverty stricken home where not only is she mistreated but bullied to boot by a bunch of spoiled rotten siblings. Her happiness is...err...shortlived. Imagine her delight when she finds out that by marrying Lord Bannor she's traded in her siblings for a bigger, wilder, brattier bunch of Bannor's kids. 

Lord Bannor isn't all happy either. He takes one look at Lady Willow and barely restrains from killing his steward. With her beauty, her high spirit and her stubborn nature, Willow is a far cry from the domesticated humble wife Bannor wanted and the last thing he needs. All he wanted was peace and quiet but now he's got his yearnings to control as well. Such irony. 

He devises a new plan and let Willow be the target for his children's merry mischief. A lot of comical scenes come forth as we see two parties being formed, the rebels vs willow. 

Little does he know, Willow is exactly the woman his household needs. Not only is she compassionate and brave but determined to discipline his children. And more importantly to teach him how to shower them with fatherly affection. Willow's sister Beatrix or Bea as she is fondly called is another favorite. This feisty little girl not only provides comedy, but gets along rather well with the other ruffians. I also quite liked the development of Bea and Desmound's relationship. It was kind of sweet. 

This was my first reading from the author and I'm planning to read a lot more of this wonderful story teller.

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