Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Book Review: Conversion

Conversion by S.C.Stephens
Bookshelves: Fantasy, Vampires, Romance, Heroes I love

My Verdict ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

I really enjoyed this book. What I loved about this book was the idea of vampires who were just ordinary and wanted to be that way. Most vampires I have come across are either sparkly or too bad ass. So it was a pleasant change, I liked Emma's narrative.

And I loved Teren and his family. The just had a much more interesting story than Emma's family.

[I don't know if it was just PMS or what but I actually blinked back tears twice while reading. Yes, there I said that. The first time was when Emma discovers that Teren's going to die in a few months. Imagine the horror of falling in love with a wonderful man and realizing they have a few months to live. I'd never thought of vampires from this angle because generally they're not made out that way. Teren was just so wonderful, I felt his pain, his fear and I couldn't like him enough. 

I was of course wrong.

By the time they get kidnapped, my stomach was in the pits and I was so apprehensive but thank God they made it. Teren proved to be more in control and almost human despite dying [made me like him all the more] and I thought Emma was just so wonderful by doing what she did to save him. But I cried still, because I thought Teren died too soon, and that too without having a decent shot at having a baby. But I still hoped.

I liked their relationship and how they sounded more like an old married couple that likes fighting and teasing each other.

Loved the ending really. It brought a smile to my face and I really want to start reading the next one. I hope their wonderful story stays the same way and gets better over time. 

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