Sunday, 23 October 2011

A little night rambling

So here I am again.

Just heard on the telly, tomorrow is a holiday. There was a time I'd have been thrilled to hear these magic words. Today is not it. No sir, I am royally highly every-other-word-that-ends-with-ly pissed. Had big plans for tomorrow [for once!] and a few important appointments but why should I care about getting my blood tested and not being able to give an interview when I have a holiday! Yatta! *heavy on the sarcasm*

Come to think of it, this pissing me off sure drains one's energy. I'm suddenly feeling quite hungry. Hmmm.
Time for a snack, but what really? *stares guiltily at the weighing machine*

I suppose I could do something fun. I feel like watching a movie today. All that trailer watching on imdb surely got me craving for some epic kind of movie.

Now that is a dilemma.





Something along the lines of Lord of the Rings ~ I might end up watching it if unable to find any decent one.
Browsing through my movie collection now.

Nine - some musical, hmm...maybe.
Legion - there's something about this movie that makes me not want to see it *confused*
Dear John - Is this a weepy one? I won't watch it if it is.
London Boulevard - some gangsta. might watch
Mail order bride - Eh, where'd this come from?
One day - a Jap/Korean movie. Sorry, don't know which for sure
RocknRolla - Guy Ritchie. Hmmm..

Oh well, I'll watch something out of these listed. But first, got to fix me something to eat! ♥

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