Monday, 24 October 2011

A little morning sweetness!

Good morning everyone! Well, it's almost afternoon to be honest. Anyways.

I woke up craving something sweet today. This delicious slice of cake above was not available though so I settled for honeyed Cheerios. Haha.

I actually get high on sugar so feeling a bit elated for no good reason right now. Back to the divine chocolate cake, I wish I could bake half as good as I do now. I pretty much suck at it, can't even make tasty cupcakes *hangs head in shame*

I always blamed the recipes for my failure before, and as years passed and my baking ability was below mediocre I came to the realization that baking wasn't my thing. Anyways, I've been thinking to give it a go once more. I'll look up some super easy and really delicious recipe for mocha cupcakes ♥

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